Setting Up Out-of-Office/Automatic reply/Vacation reply Messages in Outlook

Learn how to set up email to respond to incoming email with your out-of-office message.

1. Start your setup.
  1. In Outlook, click on File, Info then select Automatic Replies (Out of Office).
  2. Click on Send Automatic Replies and check the Only send during this time range check box.
  3. Specify a start and end time for the reply to activate and deactivate using the Start time and End time fields.
  4. Enter a message in the Inside My Organization field. This message will be sent to internal UCSD email addresses.


2. Auto reply to external email addresses.
  1. Click on the Outside My Organization tab.
  2. Make sure Auto-reply to people outside my organization is checked.
  3. Enter the message that will be sent to external (non-UCSD) email addresses.
  4. Click on OK.


3. Deactivate out-of-office automatic replies.
  1. Click on File, Info, then Automatic Replies.
  2. Click on Do not send automatic replies.
  3. Click OK.