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Steps to share files, photos, videos between Windows Phone, Android Phone and iPhone.

Yes You can transfer files from Android phone to Windows phone and vice versa using SHARE it App. The procedure is written below with images for better understanding. 1) Open SHARE it app on Android phone and press SEND button. 2) On clicking that you would be asked with the following screen. Press SKIP . 3) Now select the files you want to share. Please note that Windows phone won’t accept folders. So don’t select whole folder instead just select separate files you want to share. After selecting files press SEND button. 4) Now you will get the following screen. Just press connect to iOS/WP . 5) Press continue . 6) You will get the following screen on Android. App will create Wi-Fi hotspot on your phone with any random name. It will show the name of the hotspot on your screen. 7) Open SHAREit app on windows phone and press receive . 8) On clicking receive, you will get following screen saying “Connect to Wi-Fi” in Current WLAN box. 9) Open Wi-Fi s

How to create a new Apple ID on your iPhone or iPad

New to the Apple ecosystem? Your first step is to sign up for an Apple ID. An Apple ID makes it possible for you to download content from iTunes and the App Store. It also allows you to sync reminders, calendars, and contacts through iCloud, and activates FaceTime and iMessage across multiple devices. It's not mandatory to sign up for an Apple ID if you want to use an Apple device, but it is essential to getting the most out of your iPhone and iPad. Here's how you can create a new ID. How to create a new Apple ID on your iPhone or iPad Open the Settings app. Tap iCloud. Tap Create a new Apple ID. Enter a birth date. Tap Next. Enter your first and last name. Tap Next. Select your current email address or get a new iCloud email address. Enter your email address. Create a password. Verify the password. Select a security question. Type in answer. Repeat two more times. Agree to the Terms and Conditions. Tap Merge or Don't Merge to sync iCloud da