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Why? Frequently Asked Common Questions by Kids and How to Answer

Children love to ask why this and that? It's a favourite part of children interaction. But you may not always have the answers for them. Herewith we have few questions and smart answers for every of them. # Why Is That Man Homeless? Probable answer:  I'm glad you noticed him. There are lots of reasons people become homeless. He may have lost his job or become too sick to take care of himself or his home. In any case, we should treat him with respect. We should also offer help for the homeless when we can, by doing things like donating to a shelter or collecting winter coats. What you should know:  "Children have a limited frame of reference and believe everyone lives just like they do," says Brenda Nixon, author of The Birth to Five Book. They need honesty but also reassurance: They may worry that they'll also become homeless. "Kids often show amazing compassion," Nixon adds, so brainstorm together about how your family can lend a hand. # Why Don

Jio Phone Booking :: Pre Book Jio Mobile online - Pre Book failed at commited date and time

As per biggest hype of the day, Jio is supposed to start pre booking for mobile phone at 24th August 2017, 5:30 PM. But somehow due to technical glitches, people are not able to book the phone. Hope people are able to pre-book their Jio 4G phone soon.