Enable / Disable Java in Firefox

Enable Java in Firefox
If Java content does not load in a Firefox browser window, it may be that Java has been disabled in Firefox’s Add-ons Manager.  To check, click Tools in the Menu Bar at the top of a Firefox window, and click Add-ons from the drop-down menu (alternatively, type the keyboard command CTRL+SHIFT+A, or type about:addons in the browser’s address bar).
enable and disable java in firefox
If your Menu Bar is not visible, click the Menu Button enable and disable java in firefox and choose Add-ons.
enable and disable java in firefox
The Add-ons Manager will open in a new tab or window.  In the left navigation, click Plugins.  An alphabetical list of all currently installed plugins will display.  Scroll down the list to findJava(TM) Platform SE in the list.
enable and disable java in firefox
If you see (disabled) display for Java, it means that Java content will not display in Firefox.  To display Java content, you must enable Java.  To do so, click the Never Activate pull-down menu.
Select Ask to Activate if you want Firefox to ask you to activate Java each time you encounter Java content.  Select Always Activate if you always want Java to activate without being asked.  Your selection is saved automatically, and (disabled) no longer displays.
Reload the Firefox window that contains Java content, and the Java content can now display.
Disable Java in Firefox
To disable Java in Firefox, open the Firefox Add-ons Manager following the instructions above.  In the left navigation, click Plugins.  An alphabetical list of all currently installed plugins will display.  Scroll down the list to find Java(TM) Platform SE in the list.  Click the Ask to Activate (or Always Activate) pull-down menu.  Select Never Activate if you never want to use the Java add-on with Firefox.  Your selection is saved automatically.


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