All About iPhone 7 - iPhone 7 Plus - Features, Pros & Cons

Apple finally launch the most-expected iPhone 7 and 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus with many pros, such as probably larger camera holes, 3D touch, wireless charging, 256GB storage option, no headphone jack, etc. According to PhoneArena, about 50% iPhone users will upgrade to iPhone 7.

Most Stunning Features on iPhone 7 (Plus)

Display & Design

iPhone 7 keeps the same screen sizes of 4.7-inch Retina HD Display, 1334 x 750 Resolution, 326 ppi, but comes with some new designs on display, e.g. it ships with a flush camera, a metal and sapphire display, no more antenna bands and headphone jack. Naturally it owns a higher degree of scratch and water and shatter-resistance even it's thinner than iPhone 6s.

Improved Battery Life

Apple's mediocre battery life finally get improved on iPhone 7(Plus). It shows that Apple isn't oblivious to the bevy of user complaints surrounding iPhone battery life issues. By and large iPhone 7 improves its battery life which is up to 2 hours longer than iPhone 6S (while iPhone 7 is up to 1 hour longer than iPhone 6s Plus) and adjusting brand-new iOS operating system, iOS 10 comes next.

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging can be listed as one of the biggest iPhone 7 pros comparing iPhone 6S with iPhone 7 among iPhone 7 reviews. As Galaxy S6/S6 Edge+ takes leading step of wireless charging, iPhone 7 is loath to lag behind, embracing wireless charging technology with a maximum distance of 15 feet. It makes things easier for daily charging of iPhone 7 without being bothered of finding charge cable and free up lightning port for music playback.

Lighting-to-3.5mm Dongle

Due to the changes of omitting the 3.5mm headphone jack on display, iPhone 7 features a lighting-to-3.5mm dongle for connection which is another big advancement from tech sites sources that review most about iPhone 7. Besides, wireless AirPods are sold alongside the iPhone 7 as a premium accessory and alternative to the EarPods.


iPhone 7 waterproof function is realized via a simple hydrophobic coating in and out of the device together with the closed design after omitting headphone jack, along with iOS 10 notification when water is near the lightning port. It is waterproofed to IP68 standards, which is innovative among iPhone 7 reviews. This sets good reasons for iPhone 7 update.

Second-to-none A10 Processor

iPhone 7 adopts the blazing fast and power efficient A10 processor, which is the core of iPhone 7 (iPhone 7 Plus) features review. The powerful A10 processor takes things to an entirely new level, making best use of CPU and GPU with 6 cores, delivering a performance boost of 20% and reducing power consumption by 40% simultaneously, compared to iPhone 6s.

Huge Camera Jump

Camera is always the most expected part of iPhone. There is a substantial change in iPhone 7 camera. Though iPhone 7 doesn't adopt dual-lens rear camera/3D camera which are applied in iPhone 7 Plus, it's set to make an improvement in camera, featuring a far larger camera than iPhone 6 series' 12MP cameras. Unfortunately, the camera bump still continues to be a part of iPhone 7 design.

The Definitive iPhone 7 Pros & Cons


  • Sleeker and Slimmer
  • More Storage on Advanced Models
  • Innovative iOS 10 Wins Massive Applause
  • Dual-lens Camera Built into Advanced iPhone 7 Plus Edition
  • Faster Next-gen A10 Chip
  • Longer Battery Life
  • Lack 3D Cameras, Advanced VR
  • Annoying Limitations in Files Transfer
  • No Strength As for Android USB Drive
  • Similar Design
  • No Breakthrough Feature
  • High Price Tag Scares Many Buyers


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